• Victoria Peak - The Best View of Hong Kong's Skyline

     Hong Kong always invites and lures visitors with the simplest things. Victoria Peak is one of the simplest things that travelers will hardly forget when they come to Hong Kong. This is one of the highest mountains in Hong Kong Island, with a height of up to 552m above sea level. It is always considered one of the attractions that visitors can not ignore when they have opportunity to visit Hong Kong.

    18-01-2018 03:53:07
  • Travel to Hong Kong at 5 famous temples

     A trip to Hong Kong, certainly indispensable for visiting religious destinations, is also a way for visitors to be connected to the local Hong Kong folk customs. The most sacred temples in Hong Kong will be Fareastour synthesis and introduction to visitors. Do not miss the opportunity to "wish" at the temple during the visiting to Hong Kong!

    18-01-2018 03:39:11
  • Things To See And Do In Wan Chai, Hong Kong

     Wan Chai is known as a historical landmark with a variety of activities. This article will introduce some of the most exciting places in this area that you should visit.

    18-01-2018 03:25:33
  • Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Hong Kong - Part 2

     When traveling to Hong Kong, surely visitors will have a lot of interesting experiences about the landscape and people here. However, because travel time is not much so you need to choose the ideal place to visit. Continuation of Part 1, we will continue to explore some Hong Kong tourist attractions 

    17-01-2018 07:45:58
  • Stonecutters Bridge - The world's second longest spanning cable-stayed bridge

     The Stonecutters Bridge is a mighty symbol of Hong Kong Harbor, across the Rambler Channel which connecting the Container Harbor and east of Stonecutter Island. The bridge, with its unique design, uses aerial support, a stay-wire system to keep thousands of tons of flooring steel and pressure from transportation 

    17-01-2018 03:58:32
  • Spend A Day At Shek O Beach, Hong Kong

     Shek O Beach, also known as Thach An, will be an ideal place for visitors to relax and enjoy outdoor activities amidst a bustling Hong Kong.  The best way to get to Shek O beach is from the center of Hong Kong, take the subway to Shau Kei Wan. 

    17-01-2018 03:48:03
  • Best places to shop in Hong Kong

    Best places to shop in Hong Kong

     Shopping in Hong Kong is always very attractive to visitors, but you need to be prepared if you do not want to lose money in this shopping paradise.

    13-09-2018 09:46:07
  • The ultimate guide to shopping in Hong Kong

    The ultimate guide to shopping in Hong Kong

     Hong Kong is not only famous for its grandiose casinos, it is also known as "Asian shopping paradise." Hong Kong attracts millions of tourists each year to enjoy the "big" holiday season. Season sales in Hong Kong bubbling no less than the shopping season in Singapore or Thailand. Even the sale off here is much cheaper than in Singapore, Thailand and even Vietnam.

    18-01-2018 03:15:18
  • The ideal place for sightseeing when traveling Hong Kong

    The ideal place for sightseeing when traveling Hong Kong

     Hong Kong is famous for being Asia's most expensive tourist city. There are the streets, brightly lit streets, flashy and lavish. But like any city in the world, you also have exciting experiences at free places to play in Hong Kong. Travelling to Hong Kong with Fareastour

    17-01-2018 09:18:09
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