Discover 2 unique and cute cafes in Hong Kong

A cup of hot coffee will be the choice of many young people. For those who are passionate about the sweet aroma of coffee, you will love it when you have the chance to visit these unique coffee shops. The unique space, fun bartender and gorgeous coffee cups of the "must visit" cafes below will not disappoint you.

 Rabbitland Coffee Shop


When coming to the place, besides enjoying the drinks and food, everyone is playing, stroking the soft fur of cute rabbits. The café officially opened on August 25 at the Causeway Bay shopping center.


The idea of ​​an animal cafe stems from the fact that Hong Kong people can not raise a pet at home. Inspired by the similar Japanese Rabbit Island cafe, Ricky Lam and his friends decided to bring a rabbit cafe to Hong Kong.


If you have a chance to travel to Hong Kong, take time to visit  cute. Rabbitland rabbit cafe
If you have a chance to travel to Hong Kong, take time to visit  cute. Rabbitland rabbit cafe

At this cafe, people can take care of 12 cute rabbits. Ricky Lam said most of the rabbits were abandoned by the owner and received. Many parents have taken their children to buy rabbits as pets. Thereby, parents hope to let the children know that it is not only simply fun, but also caring and responsible.


Inside the bar are chairs arranged on the floor so that guests can be on par with the rabbit. Therefore, although they are in the cage, guests are easy to relate to them in an open and comfortable environment. However, the restaurant also has its own regulations.


When arriving at the bar, customers are only allowed to feather, look and take pictures with rabbits. This cafeteria recommends not holding rabbits up, pulling their ears or yelling loudly. Diners are also allowed to feed rabbits only at the restaurant in order to ensure the health of the rabbit.


When it came to operation, Rabbitland faced opposition from animal advocates who said that rabbits may be stressed when they touch too many people a day. In addition, noise in the bar can also affect their health. However, the number of visitors to the restaurant is constantly increasing because of curiosity with this unique business idea. So when you come here, you have to book in advance.

Explore the unique Elephant Grounds cafe in Hong Kong 
Explore the unique Elephant Grounds cafe in Hong Kong

Elephant Grounds cafe


This unique cafe was designed by James JJ Acuna of JJA / Bespoke Architecture. The most distinctive feature of this cafe is the space that is flexible yet cozy. The main ingredient of this cafe is pallet wood, which is recycled wood, which has been reused, this is one of the materials are being used by many people because they are cheap and friendly with the environment.


Entrance to the bar is pushed down to about 1.2m allowing for creating a small outdoor bar with interesting space. When sitting in the cafe in this area, visitors will feel very comfortable because it is an open space, visitors can comfortably see the street as you sit at a sidewalk. 

The most special place in this cafe is a space that is flexible and cozy.
The most special place in this cafe is a space that is flexible and cozy.


The second bar is located inside the serving area with black windows contrasting with the wood's color and the white color of the wall. This higher elevation position creates a beautiful view from inside the restaurant to the street. It is more interesting to have a blackboard used as an art space, visitors can draw as well as a great way to introduce the shop.


Along with furniture, the architect creates a very warm space, but equally dynamic and fun for young people to come here to enjoy the cafe.


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