Hong Kong's Strange Colors of Gastronomy

 As a well-known tourist destination, Hong Kong attracts visitors through delicious dishes with local identity. Visitors are often fascinated by indigenous food so that they come up with lists of certain foods that you must eat once in your life. Travelling to Hong Kong and start exploring Hong Kong's delicious dishes! 

 1. DIM SUM 

Dim sum is relatively familiar to Vietnamese people, many call it dumplings. But not as simple as dumplings, Dim sum has hundreds of different types of steamed, fried, boiled steamed. People can eat Dim sum at any time of day without feeling bored. 

Dim sum is a dish not only popular in Hong Kong but also influenced the cuisine of many other countries. Distinguished and varied are the words that people use to describe this dish. People say, Dim sum means "touch the heart"

Dim sum means "touch your heart"
Dim sum means "touch your heart"


Milk tea is too familiar to young Vietnamese. Milk tea in Vietnam is very rich with many different types but in Hong Kong we also enjoy more taste and more unique mix. Even if you drink milk tea at home but if you have the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong do not forget to enjoy this romantic drink. 


Aromatic barbecue with honey, soy sauce, rice wine, malt, oysters, oyster, garlic, pepper ... served with rice, rice noodle, porridge or bread are extremely pleasant. 

Char xiu is sold a lot in Hong Kong, from the sidewalk to the luxury restaurant. Traditional Char xiu are soaked under the skillful hands of talented chefs here will certainly not disappoint you. 

Hong Kong Char xiu is attractive, beautiful and extremely delicious.
Hong Kong Char xiu is attractive, beautiful and extremely delicious.


 This Pan-fried scrambled egg rice cake does not come from Hong Kong, it was imported from Beijing. But back to Hong Kong it became a very attractive dish. Instead of shrimp, meat, bean sprouts are often seen, people use duck meat to do the kernel. Spiced duck meat delicious, sliced ​​small, sandwiched in layers of pancakes, served with cucumber and dot sauce. The taste will certainly stay long on your trip to Hong Kong 


Put Chai Ko is not known by a Vietnamese name Red beans or Glutinous rice pudding. This type of cake is quite similar to Plain rice flan but mixed with red bean in the bowl

When the cake is ripe, people put the cake out of the mold and plug the sticks like ice cream to eat. Just wandering the streets of Hong Kong just enjoy Put Chai Ko is very interesting. Nowadays, people are creating more and more flavors, so you should come to Hong Kong and enjoy Put Chai Ko 

Put Chai Ko  are usually made of rice flour and red beans
Put Chai Ko  are usually made of rice flour and red beans



 Poon Choi is Hong Kong's dry hot pot. It is strange to eat hot pot without hot pot. Poon Choi's ingredients are quite diverse with a variety of fresh ingredients such as pork, beef, chicken, abalone, sea cucumber, shark fins, fish intestines, shrimp, crab, squid, pork and tofu and fresh vegetables of all kinds. 

Poon Choi is a traditional dish and is often used by families for spring break. Dishes symbolize prosperity, fullness and luck in the new year. It is not necessary to go to Hong Kong at the beginning of the year to enjoy Poon Choi, at any given time you can discover this food and learn more about the cuisine and culture of the place.


Gai Daan Jai is also known as egg whiskey. This type of cake is really delicious and also in the top of the street food attract the world. Gai Daan Jai is sold throughout the streets of Hong Kong, fascinated by the rich, crispy eggs. 

There are just some of the many Hong Kong culinary flavors that you will enjoy when coming here. Take time to go more and taste more delicious food in Hong Kong

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