Top 5 biggest theme parks in Hong Kong

 Come to Hong Kong, you will experience many interesting things, enjoy the most famous places in Hong Kong. And the park is one of the destinations that visitors can not miss. Hong Kong has many large and small parks, but only some famous parks attract tourists. Here are the top five biggest theme parks in Hong Kong.

 1. Disneyland Park


The first park in Hong Kong's largest amusement park is Disneyland. Disneyland owns many large areas which catering to the diverse needs of visitors at the park. Disneyland Park stands out with the castle model, the old building was erected magnificently.


Disneyland is like a fairyland where convergence of the characters of the famous animated films such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Snow White ... You can freely photograph to with these characters.


Hong Kong Disneyland Theme Park
Hong Kong Disneyland Theme Park


Play areas with many attractive games, the most impressive is the adventure games are suitable for those who like to feel strong. Come to Disneyland, you will be immersed in a new world, experience the unexpected and interesting activities.


2. Ocean Park


Ocean Park is one of the two largest parks in Hong Kong. Coming to Ocean Park, visitors will admire the special performances of sea lions, dolphins at the Ocean Theater. Besides that, visitors also try themselves with lots of thrilling games.


Go to Ocean Park, you should not miss Aqua City because Symbio will show a unique performance with the world's first 360 degree rotation. In addition, visitors also watch the sea creatures on Coral Island, admire more than 250 different species of fish in the Aquarium. This is really a park that attracts a lot of tourists.


Hong Kong Ocean Park is located in the south of Hong Kong Island
Hong Kong Ocean Park is located in the south of Hong Kong Island


3. Victoria Park


Victoria Park is Hong Kong's largest city park. This is where the annual Lunar New Year Festival is held. Victoria Park also offers jogging paths and an outdoor pool. Come to Victoria, visitors will be immersed in nature. Especially in the early morning, visitors will be able to observe the people when they are doing Tai Chi


4. Nan Lian Park


Going through the Diamond Hill of the quiet high rise apartment building is Nan Lian Park, which was built in the Tang style. The park covers an area of ​​3.5 hectares, in which the structure of each hill, rock, body water, plants and wood has been laid down according to specific rules and methods. There are exhibitions on Chinese wood architecture, rocks and potted plants, while many people may want to try a vegetarian restaurant or tea shop nearby.

The Hong Kong Park is an excellent way to design harmony with the surrounding natural landscape
The Hong Kong Park is an excellent way to design harmony with the surrounding natural landscape


5. Hong Kong Park


The Hong Kong Park is an excellent place that harmony with the surrounding natural landscape. The park features a bird house, a greenhouse, the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea, the Hong Kong Center for Visual Arts, a fountain, a flower garden, a playground, a restaurant and even a place for marriage registration. . More than 80 bird species in the "jungle" which are beautifully designed.


The water flow was used as a specialized motif to link the park's various features to waterfalls, streams, lakes and cliffs made from artificial rocks. The park is also a great location for taking pictures of the surrounding skyscrapers.


These are the five biggest amusement parks in Hong Kong where visitors should come to experience. Wish you to discover many surprises things in Hong Kong.

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