Interesting things on top of Victoria Peak in Hong Kong

 Being 554 meters (about 1817.6 feet) above sea level, The Peak, or Victoria Peak is the highest mountain on Hong Kong Island. When you come to Hong Kong you will definitely be introduced to this famous mountain. You will have a lot of time to experience and feel the excitement that this Peak.

 Take a hundred-year-old wooden tram


The interesting thing that you experience when you want to climb this mountain is the experience on a 100-year-old train, bringing tens of thousands of visitors to explore this mountain. There are many ways to get to the top of The Peak in Hong Kong, but the 100-year-old wooden train is still a choice for anyone who wishing to explore. The train will bring a sense of excitement to visitors, the feeling of constant change as wheelchairs from the urban sprawl, to the crowded residential area at the foot of the mountain, and finally the majestic scenery of this famous mountain.

If you come to Hong Kong and can only visit one place, visit The Peak
If you come to Hong Kong and can only visit one place, visit The Peak


Take a scenic stroll along the path


At the top of the mountain, you will definitely not be able to resist the beauty that this place brings, as they capture the whole of Hong Kong in the eyes of visitors. But do not hurry to save the image right away, take some time to experience, stroll on a small road with railings along the mountain to feel the beautiful natural scenery here. Surely you will not disappoint when walking on this beautiful mountain’s path


The entire city falls into sight at the Sky Terrace Observatory.

Explore Victoria Peak in Hong Kong
Explore Victoria Peak in Hong Kong

If the scenery at the road along the mountain side is not enough to make you feel interesting, you can buy yourself a ticket and go to Sky Terrace 428 to see your vision. This place is dearly loved by Hong Kong's rooftops when they are as high as 428 meters above sea level. You will be able to see the whole of Hong Kong with a telescope, which will be equipped with a transmitter and headset to give you an overview of placces where you are seeing. Very interesting right?


Lunch on top of The Peak Hong Kong


To add to the excitement for visitors when they visit here, a small restaurant is opened on a small mountain outcrop of The Peak. Dining here you will not only enjoy Hong Kong specialties, while enjoying the view of the modern city of Hong Kong. This restaurant will be home to an enjoyable lunch on top of The Peak.

The Peak, is the perfect place to start and end your Hong Kong tour
The Peak, is the perfect place to start and end your Hong Kong tour


The restaurant is designed with a transparent glass, so you can have a meal while enjoying the view of the city from above. Because of this prime location that the amount paid for meals here is not pleasant at all.


Visit Hong Kong Wax Museum to get a hands on idol


Finally, The Peak Hong Kong will give you the chance to get your hands on famous stars from around the world. This is a museum containing hundreds of wax depicts famous artists in the world with true dimensions. With over 100 amazingly realistic wax figures and 11 interactive areas, you can touch Lee Jong-suk's shoulders and enjoy K-pop culture in the K-wave Zone, hands-on with Bruce Lee in Kung Fu Zone, self-portrait with some of the world's most respected historical and political leaders, shining on stage with Taylor Swift, and enjoying the model world of Yayoi Kusama. The feeling of seeing and taking pictures with the idol will certainly make people come here feel interesting.



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