Spend A Day At Shek O Beach, Hong Kong

 Shek O Beach, also known as Thach An, will be an ideal place for visitors to relax and enjoy outdoor activities amidst a bustling Hong Kong.  The best way to get to Shek O beach is from the center of Hong Kong, take the subway to Shau Kei Wan. 

 From here, guests leave the A3 subway station and will encounter the bus stop right next door. Guests select the bus to Shek O and the last dock (about 20 minutes). Right on the bus route to Shek O, visitors have the opportunity to admire and feel the beauty of the scenery along the beach.


As soon as you get off the bus, you will find a large Thai restaurant right in front of you. The food of the restaurant is quite good, many visitors choose. However, with the menu is extremely diverse, the choice is sometimes not easy.

Shek O is the ideal place to relax
Shek O is the ideal place to relax

To reach the beach, you will have to take a further turn and turn right at the roundabout to the parking area and the sea access just to the left. As in many public beaches in Vietnam, when coming here (in the summer or fall), visitors will be offered sun loungers and umbrellas. This is necessary and the price is reasonable.


At this point, visitors will have a feel of another Shek O completely with the bustling atmosphere of Hong Kong's urban center, although there are still buildings or shops but the beach is always a place. Ideal for leisure, swimming and relaxing under the cool ocean. In the daytime, there is always a lifeguard at the beach, where many local families reside. Coming to the beach, visitors can bring themselves a book to both relax and read the book is interesting and peaceful.


Those who love sports activities can enjoy themselves at this beach. Guests can rent a small boat to row out to the sea, or can also walk around Rocky Bay, who can climb the climb can climb cliffs, while for those who like the subject. Surfing can go to Grand Bay which will be a great place for surfing and windsurfing.

Shek O is a tourist attraction in Hong Kong
Shek O is a tourist attraction in Hong Kong


Walk through the Dragon's Back Trail through Shek O Park, where you will admire the beautiful scenery through the green bamboo forest up to the mountainside and from here you will enjoy the view. South China Sea scenery along with the small islands around the Hong Kong Peninsula.

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If you wander around Shek O, you'll find Shek O divided into two areas: A smaller area located on the northern tip of the beach are the rich palaces of the rich. These mansions look out to sea with large glass windows and are known to be the most expensive area in Hong Kong. The rest is bigger and the town is pretty simple but no less interesting with the small labyrinths that make up the maze for travelers to explore. There are two high rise buildings in the area with such inexpensive, sea-facing balconies as the northern area but perhaps enough to be classed as luxury in the majority of Hong Kong's population.


Shek O Beach is quite large, clean and well managed. At Shek O Beach, there are shared toilets, fresh water baths, dressing rooms and, in particular, lifeguards and sharks during the summer months from April to October. Clean, beautiful beaches also have seasonal variations. In the summer, Shek O beach is really crowded and busy. Therefore, if you want to have a comfortable and quiet environment, it is best to come early or arrive late, but it is best to arrive early in the season.


On weekends, Shek O Beach will be busier than usual
On weekends, Shek O Beach will be busier than usual


The fun of Shek O Beach is right on the beach with a public BBQ area for sharing and this is great for groups of friends going out together to finish a day on the beach. For groups of travelers looking for a private space with BBQ, you can order your own service at a cost of over HK $ 400 and you will have a private area with a private BBQ all night. Here, enjoy the barbecue, fresh seafood at the beach in the beautifully framed restaurant, or fire yourself to grill off the beach barbecue.

Shek O - a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. In addition, this is a beautiful peaceful location suitable for couples or groups of friends. Join the exciting Hong Kong tour



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