Stonecutters Bridge - The world's second longest spanning cable-stayed bridge

 The Stonecutters Bridge is a mighty symbol of Hong Kong Harbor, across the Rambler Channel which connecting the Container Harbor and east of Stonecutter Island. The bridge, with its unique design, uses aerial support, a stay-wire system to keep thousands of tons of flooring steel and pressure from transportation 

 Introducing the Stonecutters Bridge


Within five years, transportation through the road linking the airport to downtown Hong Kong has doubled, with 100,000 cars moving every day and moving in inches.


And the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region handled this traffic problem by building the Stonecutter Bridge across the canal nearly 1km long.

Admire Stonecutters Bridge works
Admire Stonecutters Bridge works


Started construction in 2004, with a total investment of $ 354 million, put into use in 2009 to become the world's longest construction bridge with cable stayed items.


The unique architecture of the world's second longest cable stayed bridge:


Overall length of the bridge is 1596 meters, 304 meters high over the water. This century's main span is over one kilometer long, using 65 heavy steel deck sections of 400 to 600 tonnes.


This work is extremely special designed because the 7 mid-rungs have to withstand the enormous weight of the entire bridge and the weight of the vehicles passing through the bridge. It is used air support and most limited use of ground support.

Stonecutters Bridge becomes a popular tourist attraction in Hong Kong
Stonecutters Bridge becomes a popular tourist attraction in Hong Kong

The pillar is the starting point for the stay cables connecting the bridge and the deck. The heaviest cable up to 79 tons long 304 meters. During the installation process, the staff had to move extremely carefully and it was extremely difficult to assemble the wires, as the higher the cables, the greater the wind resistance, bring efficiency when affected by rain and wind.


The gutters are connected by a seam using a welding robot to fill the U-shaped chute. In order to reduce the vibration load that cable stays in, the Stonecutters bridge uses giant pendulums in two towers to regain balance for the bridge.

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Two abutments, also known as bridge towers, are among the highest in Hong Kong. The two 304-meter towers head straight into the blue sky during the day and shine at night through the bird's nest lighting system at the top of the tower.


In addition, everywhere in this project are installed LED system to decorate with different colors. The bridge architecture is sculptural, with a slim tower and stay-wire feel like cutting edge blades into the air, glowing in the middle of the night.


Stonecutters Bridge has a total length of 1.596m with 3 lanes, the main span of the bridge is 1.028m long.
Stonecutters Bridge has a total length of 1.596m with 3 lanes, the main span of the bridge is 1.028m long.

In addition to the shuttle service between the airport and the center, the Stonecutters also handles maritime transport, ocean freight, ocean import and export operations in Hong Kong Island. And with its geographic position, high applicability, unique and sophisticated architecture, the bridge was honored with a series of awards in the field of transport infrastructure design in the world.


Carries: Dual 3-lane highway

Crosses: Rambler Channel

Locale: Tsing Yi Island and Stonecutters Island

Designer: Ove Arup and Partners

Design: Cable-stayed bridge

Total length: 1,596 m (5,240 ft)

Height: 298 m (980 ft)

Longest span: 1,018 m (3,340 ft)

Clearance below: 73.5 m (241 ft)

Beginning date of construction: April 2004

Completion date: 7 April 2009

Opening date: 2009

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